How to Start Your Own Website

Are you confused about buying a domain and hosting your website? Not sure where to start? Here are things you need to do to buy a domain and hosting and what to do after your site is live.

Buy a Domain

Buying a brand new domain is a simple process. First, purchase a domain with your choice (i.e.,, etc.) Be clear about the extension you choose(.com, .net or .org ) The price might differ according to domain extension. You can get a domain in the name whatever you want. Once you decide the name you want to buy, check for the availability and buy it.


After you bought a domain, the next thing you require to do is a host. Now, this is a crucial part. It doesn’t matter what hosting provider you choose; there would be many types of hosting available. For Example, Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, etc.

Every hosting provider has a different feature and protection. Since you are at the beginning stage of your blog, I recommend you start with Shared hosting as it’s affordable and best also it will have no problem with low traffic. Before choosing any hosting provider, analyze their features with each of them and pick what you think is right.

How to link your domain with hosting?

When you buy a domain, they (GoDaddy) usually keep your site up with their DNS hosting server in a trial period. When you choose any different hosting provider, you will need to change the default DNS server with your hosting-providing server. After you update the DNS, your site will transfer to the new hosting provider server within 24 hours.

Install WordPress

WordPress is like an OS (operating system) in a laptop and Mobile. This WordPress will allow you to publish, edit, and delete the content and maintain it. If you have any doubts about installing WordPress, you could contact your hosting provider for guidance.

After you install WordPress, you change the theme of your site by installing plugins. There are tons of free themes available for WordPress, but remember that before installing any plugin, make sure it’s tested with your WordPress version because not all plugins are up to date. It will save you from getting any errors.

Google Analytics

Once your site is up, now you have to sign up for Google Analytics with your site. Google Analytics will make you understand more in-depth about the visitor who reaches your site. It can track their nationality, gender, what content they are interested in, what devices they are using, and many more features. It’s all about your fans so you might not want to miss this.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is more like a heart to your site. It monitors your site all the time. You can check almost everything about your site and how it’s working. Here is some excellent feature of it.

1 – You can inspect any URL from your site whether it’s indexed or not. If it’s not indexed, then you can submit it to index it.
2 – There is also a Mobile Usability feature to check how your site performs on mobile devices and tablets.
3 – In the core web vitals section, you can find the posts that take too much time to load on Mobile and desktop and fix it.


To maintain your site, you need to renew your domain name each year, and when it comes to hosting, it could be once in six months or a year. It varies for each service provider. The steps given above are necessary to follow when you want to start a blog.