Inbound Strategy

Positioning our brand or service in search engines is a process that requires methodology, analysis, and study. Everything that refers to optimizing our content to achieve this purpose is defined as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Search engines such as Google or Bing stand out among the most used, and there are professionals and agencies dedicated exclusively to the task of getting the name of your company to appear among the most relevant results.

Marketing strategy 

SEO and Inbound Marketing strategy are some of the most popular techniques today since there is a population of more than 3.5 billion users worldwide that fuel this sales method. Used in the right way, it can produce magnificent results in most cases.

Knowing which SEO techniques are better will not guarantee an immediate search engine position since it is a slow process of perseverance and dedication. Still, suppose you know the fundamental tips to define a suitable methodology and application of this technique marketing. In that case, you can start to shape your campaign more effectively, focusing on successful and profitable results for your brand.

Competitor analysis 

Competitor analysis is strictly necessary to be able to draw up a plan. To do this, we must carry out an investigation and identify the strongest and weakest points. It will be necessary to carry out a study by sector or other essential factors such as keywords. If we can find the elements that guarantee the competition’s success, we can also discover weaknesses that we can take advantage of in our favor. Tools such as SEMRush or Ahrefs can be used for keyword analysis.

Mobile optimization 

Mobile optimization is one of the elements that many forget, and it is currently vital for organic positioning. Mobile search has seen a significant increase in the last three years, so optimizing websites for good navigation and attractive design offers greater accessibility opportunities for customers. Simple, intuitive, and elegant designs are recommended to capture the consumer’s attention without complications.

Voice search

Voice search is also giving significant results, so when selecting keywords, we must think about this alternative. Before the massive use of tools such as Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, the data sources are usually cited by them. Virtual assistants in searches.

We are aware that web page crawlers have evolved, offering greater precision and becoming resources that improve significantly over time. However, while a machine can be surprising, there are elements in which human thought can successfully outperform trackers. Given the possibility of error in the results, it is necessary to create structured data to offer a clear and uniform design that will allow search engines to find your website and collect the most significant amount of valuable data for good positioning and favorable results.