Swimming Pool Cover

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your garden, you will know the great amount of care and daily maintenance you must have so that the water is in perfect bathing condition. Although this maintenance must always be present, the truth is that there are factors that can help us on a day-to-day basis, minimize this care and, in addition, provide us with other advantages. We will talk about pool covers, a really interesting option.

Extends the bathing season

One of the main advantages of swimming pool cover pool covers is that we can extend the bathing season. These enclosures will directly influence the increase in water temperature, even if we do not have a water heater system. So we can enjoy the pool at any time of the year.

Energy saving

When we have a heated pool, the covers can also help us with this energy saving. If we install a cover in the pool, we will keep it closed and isolated from the outside. It translates into less heat loss and, therefore, a lower cost in air conditioning.

Less dirt

When we talk about maintenance, we all know that swimming pools take a lot of work. We are not only referring to water treatment but also cleaning. And many outside factors influence the water quality, such as insects, dust, leaves, branches, etc. With a cover, we will be preventing all these particles from falling into the water and, consequently, we will save work in its maintenance.

They not only affect aesthetically. Many of these external elements cause dirt to settle in the water, and a filtering system is needed for that work. That is why spending on a pool cover will bring us benefits in terms of cleaning the water. The less dirt, less work of the purifier, and greater savings.

A security system

Finally, it should be noted that these covers can be an extra protection element in our pool. If we have pets or small children at home, this extra security can be really useful. Therefore we can avoid any falls or accidents.

Advantages of polycarbonate covers

There are several interesting materials for pool covers, but of all of them, polycarbonate is, without a doubt, one of the best options compared to others, such as glass.

The polycarbonate enclosures are synthetic glass panels, very light and resistant. They are capable of providing greater insulation than other materials. In addition, it also filters UV rays and prevents discoloration of the liner or the proliferation of algae in the pool.

Glass is more expensive than polycarbonate; it is heavier and is only recommended for fixed roofs. Polycarbonate may indeed be less aesthetic, a priori, than glass, but it is also much less fragile and has a longer useful life.

Without a doubt, polycarbonate pool covers are the most demanded in the market, not only because of their price but also because of the many advantages they offer us.