Kitchen Renovations Ideas

When we talk about renovations, we must bear in mind that kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations are among the most complex. It all depends on what we intend to do, but we must take this into account, because in this room there are water pipes, drains and wall coverings, among other things. But everyone knows when it is required to transform the kitchen. Needs change, the family grows, and at some point, what was functional for us ceases to be so, and that is when we consider making changes at home.

What has been said above should not scare us at all, since it is a matter of doing things step by step and not in a hurry. Whenever we go into renovations, the question is how to save money. Can you save money on a renovation? Of course! The ideal is to get several estimates for reforms, then to make the decision. Here are some handy kitchen renovation ideas.

Change the wall covering in the kitchen

Changing the kitchen walls’ look, especially the one behind the sink and the fire area, can mean a before and after. Today we find a wide variety of porcelain, tiles, even stone cladding on the market. Carrying out this reform in the kitchen may not be so difficult, after all, we are not moving anything from its place, and if we are looking to renew the kitchen, this is an option to consider.

Take advantage of high ceilings

If we are lucky enough to have high ceilings, the excellent idea is to carry out a reform in such a way as to have a double-height. The space that we get above the kitchen can be handy for many purposes, from setting up a study, using it as a storage space, or even a guest bedroom. Carrying out this type of renovation, our house will gain more square meters.

Wooden floors in kitchen

Although many believe that wood in the kitchen is not a good companion, decorations lately show us that wooden floors are used more and more in the kitchen. There is also something important to know: there are porcelain tiles that imitate wood, and the truth is that the result is impressive. In small kitchens, a dark wooden floor might not be a good ally, but fortunately, there are different types of wood or imitations of this material. The optimal thing for small spaces is to always use light colours, so it would be convenient to choose a colour as light as possible.

Kitchen renovations: Integrating spaces

This is something that is being seen a lot in recent years. Furthermore, many homes are being built directly with the kitchen integrated into the dining room. Simultaneously, there are many reforms carried out in homes where clients decide to integrate the kitchen with the dining room, and even with the living room. This, depending on each home, is generally achieved by pulling a partition or wall. For this type of reform, it is necessary to go to specialists. We cannot remove a wall or column because yes because certain walls support the house’s structure and if a company or contractor that understands the subject does not do it, our house may be at risk.

Kitchen islands

Finally, we will talk about an element that we love, and they are the kitchen islands. It is perhaps one of the kitchen renovations that take more budget and time. To be able to install an island in the kitchen, you need space. These islands are generally executed in very spacious kitchens or kitchens integrated into the dining room. That is why it is often necessary to make a reform before installing a kitchen island, and we refer to removing a wall. For those who like to cook and have plenty of space for it, kitchen islands are heaven. They also serve as a bar for breakfast or even to eat quickly.

What did you think of these proposals for kitchen renovations? We hope they inspire you when it comes to undertaking a reform.