how to lose neck fat

Are you worried about how to lose neck fat? Don’t worry because you are not alone in this. The double chin or triple chin is a very common problem among men and women that happens, among other things, due to the accumulation of fat, the lack of muscle tone, and the flabbiness of the skin in this area. If you suffer from your fat neck and cheekbones, we give you some tricks to lose neck fat.

Why does a double chin occur when you are skinny? 

Many factors can act together or individually to form a double chin on our neck; among them is the genetic partiality that makes people whose parents have a double chin likely to suffer from a fat chin.

Although genes may play a part in developing a double chin, habits can neutralize its effects and prevent fat on the back of the neck and under the chin.

Nevertheless, if you do not have a genetic predisposition but overweight or obese, or what is the same, excess fat in the body, there is a greater chance that a double chin will form.

In addition to genetics, the reason for double chin include being overweight or obese, rapid weight gain or loss, lack of exercise of the area’s muscles, and toxic habits that damage the skin. 

Tricks to avoid and reduce double chin

If you already suffer from the appearance of a double chin or if you want to avoid this annoying and unsightly fat fold from under your chin, here are some tricks on how to lose chin fat and prevent it.

  • Try to have an average weight and avoid the excessive accumulation of fat in the body, reverse overweight or obesity if it exists or maintain a healthy weight if you are already in it.
  • Avoid miracle diets that promote the rebound effect, popularly known as the yo-yo effect, which does nothing more than damaging the skin tissues and promote sagging and loss of tone throughout the body.
  • Perform facial exercises to gain tone in the neckline muscles and reduce the risk of a double chin.
  • Apply firming creams in the area to prevent neck fat and cheekbones. Add moisturizing creams to favor reducing the double chin if it is already present.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in excess because both habits damage the skin, especially affecting the tissues, while the second promotes fat accumulation.
  • Drink enough water and eat a balanced diet that avoids fat storage in the body and nourishes our skin and tissues, strengthening its structure.
  • Perform regular physical activity to help maintain weight, avoid excess fat in the body, maintain muscle tone, and avoid flaccidity.
  • Maintain good body posture, which allows you to keep your neck always upright, looking straight ahead, so that the face and chin muscles are always kept in good muscle tone.

To keep your face looking perfect and your neck remain slim despite the passage of time, do not hesitate to practice the tricks given above to reduce and prevent a double chin.

Besides, we leave you some exercises for neck fat that you can start to tone the area and thus say goodbye to the annoying and unsightly double chin:

Neck fat exercises

  • With your tongue, trace clockwise circles over the upper palate. Repeat it ten times, 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Raise your lower lip over your upper lip until it is as high as possible as if you want to touch your nose with your lower lip. Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat about three times each time you do the exercise.
  • Stretch your neck forward as if detaching your chin from your body and slowly turn your neck to one side first and then to the opposite side. You can do it about ten times on each side, about two times a day. This is one of the best exercises for face fat removal. If possible, chew gum, as chewing exercises muscles in the face and neck without realizing it, which quickly adds tonicity to the area.
  • Place your eyes in front and your neck upright, and turn your head to one side to begin to lower your chin to pass in front of the trunk as a semicircle with your face until you bring it to the opposite side. You can also do it without lowering your chin, just turning your chin from side to side, always keeping your eyes straight ahead.

Remember, you can neutralize your genes’ effect and even reduce their expression and reduce or prevent double chin with the tricks above.