Hip Dips

Hip Dips are not anatomic deformities. They are pretty normal. Fair information about causes, workouts, surgery options and gym equipment is helpful to get rid of Hip Dips and can answer millions of queries.

When lipsticks are covered under masks, ‘Hip Dips’ or ‘Violin dips’ have become the new talk of the town. Millions of people in and around the United States of America are considering them as body flaws and searching for ways to get rid of hip dips.

I am sure many of your queries regarding hip dips will get answered.

What are Hip Dips?

Hip Dips or ‘Violin Dips’ are curvy indentations that run at the side of the body, from hips sides to thighs. These are pretty normal to have hip dips, and they do not make your body look imperfect. Everyone has hip dips, but not everyone’s inward curves are noticeable.

What causes Hip Dips?

Every human being carries a unique body structure. But on a precise note, causes can go like this

● Muscle and fat distribution in the body
● The bone structure of the body

Skin is attached to bones, but sometimes it is tied up with the inner parts of the trochanter. This profound attachment induces an inward pull, and hip dips get created.

You must have realized that many people lose weight quickly, their body fat reduces, untoned muscles start going inward, and outer skin starts sagging around hip areas. And an impression of hip dips become very observant.

But remember, Hip dips are not flaws. It is body anatomy that creates a curvy effect.

Hip Dips Vs Love Handles: what makes them different?

Love handles are formed because of excess fat around or sides of the abdomen. These are the result of the presence of fat rather than the anatomy of our body structure.

By lifestyle moderations, focussed exercise routine, weight reduction, you can get rid of love handles. But the same can not be said regarding hip dips.

Is it possible to get rid of hip dips?

Getting rid of hip dips is possible. By understanding your body type, the shape of your body, percentage of body fat and muscle ratio, you can easily understand how to get rid of hip dips.

Here are three ways that help you to get rid of your Hip Dips.

1. Hip Dip Workouts
2. Change in lifestyle practices to get rid of fat hip dips
3. Hip dips surgery

Although the first two ways would not help you completely get rid of hip dips, 3rd way indeed does. But how far do you wish to go ahead with a remedy to get hip dips rid of makes the difference?

Hip Dip Workout

Hip Dip workout is not brutal. A set of muscle toning exercises targeted to the affected area can be the best exercises for hip dips.

Your targeted areas for hip dips exercises will be glutes, inner and outer thigh areas.

List of Hip dips exercises

● Squats
● Hip Abductions
● Glute bridges
● Curtsy step downs
● Clamshells
● Hip thrusts
● Rolling like a ball
● Bicycle crunch

You can add these hip dip exercises with your full-body workout.

Workout equipment to get rid of hip dips

● Resistance Bands
● Thigh belts
● Hip thrust hip bar
● Weight belts

To increase the intensity of these exercises, you can use resistance bands or weights. There are many types of resistance bands and specially designed thigh belts available in the market.

List of yoga asanas help you to get rid of Hip Dips

● Anjaneyasana or crescent moon pose
● Setu Bandh Asana or Bridge pose
● Utthan Pristh asana
● Virabhadrasana or warrior pose
● Tadasana or mountain pose
● Naukasana or boad pose

Summarizing some of the tips to make your hip dip workouts more focussed and enjoyable.

Take 30 Days Challenge

● You can take the ‘30 days challenge’.
● Note down your thigh measurements on day 1 and take pictures of your standing pose and side pose
● Take a note of thigh measurements on day 30 and take photos of the side and front pose
● Compare your before and after hip dip workout results and cherish your hard work.

Workout buddy

Workout in-group is all fun; engage in group workouts with friends who share similar goals. Workout buddy helps to stick consistent and motivated.

How can you get rid of Hip dips with lifestyle changes?

Suppose your weight is on the higher side. Then you must bring changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. Reduce your carb count, and focus on protein intake. This will reduce fat percentage from your body and strengthen up your muscles. This will not eliminate your hip dips, but yes, noticeable changes will be there.

My Take for better results to get rid of Hip dips

To get faster and better results, you need to follow both tips. An intensive workout with moderate lifestyle changes will indeed reflect an impact on your hip dips.

Now comes the final technique, Hip Dip surgery.

Hip Dip Surgery

Surgery is also an alternative. For hip dip remedy, liposculpting surgery is conducted in a targeted area. This type of fat redistribution surgery is where fat from one part is taken and filled at the trochanter area. In some cases, many surgeons implant silicone pads instead of fat. Smooth and flawless hip curves are the result of such hip dips surgeries.

But it can give a dent in your pockets, too; Surgery costs can be between $8000 to $11000. And it should be your last resort. I expect you to discuss all risk factors, pros and cons of surgery with your surgeon first.

Many people wish to get rid of hip dip without working out, changing their lifestyle or going under the knife.

Some changes in your dressing sense, more of skirts and less of tights and pants, can hide all the inward curvy hip dip flaws.

So now, on a concluding note, I will again re-emphasize that Hip Dips are not bad. Hip dips do not have any adverse effects on health. So stop worrying about it and enjoy your life.