Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle Mass

One of the main goals for many people in the gym is to lose the excess fat on their bodies. Therefore, they are expected only to include exercises to lose weight in the definition period in their training routine. However, this path is not always correct, as it could also cause muscle loss.

The scale registers information is usually incomplete because although it is made to show if our body weight experiences a decrease, not everything belongs to the burning of lipids. The ideal during this process is to lose fat, gain muscle and gain definition.

Next, we will tell you the keys to cutting weight without putting at risk the muscle you have worked so hard to build.

Caloric Deficit

During this stage, you must learn to control your caloric deficit. 500 Kcal a day is enough to meet your goals! Although it consists of consuming fewer calories than you expend in the day, an excessive loss would immediately reduce your muscle mass.

How to Lose Weight in a Controlled Way

Performing an exercise routine to lose weight in a short time will drastically reduce your muscle mass. Remember: the definition phase must be carried out progressively; Losing a lot of weight in such a short time would reduce your caloric deficit, and, as we have said, this is harmful to your health.

The body will burn more muscle, cause fatigue, and reduce our training and daily life strength. Besides, changes will occur at the hormonal, psychological, and physiological levels that do not benefit.

Eat More Protein

By following a low-calorie diet, your body uses part of its protein for energy to preserve muscle mass. Thus, it is advisable to ensure a good intake of lean proteins in the diet not to add fat or calories that affect the definition process. You can easily get protein and supplements at affordable prices with discount coupons

Train Your Muscles Intensely

During the definition stage, one of the most common mistakes is to favor exercises to lose fat instead of lifting weights or sessions that imply a significant load on the muscles. Yes, you can run on a treadmill that will be an excellent option to burn your calories. 

Some lifting weights are perfect exercises for weight loss, and during the low-calorie diet, they help maintain volume and strength. A low-calorie diet without exercise results in muscle loss, while adding exercise to the formula promotes fat loss while keeping muscle mass intact.

Now you know, speeding up the weight loss process isn’t everything! We recommend you take it easy so as not to harm your body with overwork. Do not forget that a good diet and genetics are important factors in achieving this.