Save Money When You Travel Abroad

Although traveling usually involves a reasonable budget, there is no doubt that it is also one of the best and most spectacular life experiences. Therefore, and so that this beautiful experience is not overshadowed by your bankruptcy when you return, it is so crucial that you know how to save money when you travel abroad.

So, if you are part of the 99.9% of the population that has to take care of their budget when traveling, here are the nine best tips for you to save as much as you can during your next trip.

Tip 1: Avoid peak seasons

We know that sometimes it is difficult to do this since we all have vacations (mainly school) on the same dates, but as far as possible, try to schedule your trip outside of peak seasons.

The difference in costs in flights, accommodations, and even in tourist attractions is usually much lower outside these times of the year, adding the attraction of saving you to the tourist masses.

Tip 2: Use the new platforms and Apps

Without a doubt, the largest percentage of a trip’s budget goes to accommodation and transportation, so we recommend that you do not prioritize super-luxury accommodation. If your economy does not give you that, better concentrate on being able to know more places and sites that interest you.

So, suppose you want to find some of the best deals in these areas. In that case, we recommend that you consult sites and Apps such as Airbnb or (accommodations for all budgets and anywhere in the world), Moovit (so that you can plan the best routes of transportation), Meet Up (travel companions to share expenses), Skyscanner (the cheapest flights), and Blablacar (shared trips in many cities around the world).

Tip 3: Don’t discard the packets

Although it is likely that using some of the sites and Apps from the previous point, you will get excellent prices, do not rule out checking some packages in agencies, airlines, or similar, because they regularly offer offers for a few days (or even hours when they are incredible) that can offer you pretty good deals.

This option is especially suitable if you prefer an “all-inclusive” type of trip or if you are going to study abroad for some time, as they will contemplate your trip more comprehensively. However, do not forget to compare prices and be constantly attentive to hunt the ideal package.

Tip 4: Things to consider on flights if you want to save

To save money when you travel abroad, specifically on flights, take into account three keys that can help you a lot:

Fly with scales: It is more cumbersome but certainly cheaper.

Opt for alternative airports: They are usually more distant or less crowded, but again cheaper.

Mix flights: You can try mixing airlines depending on their prices at different points.

These tips are proof of nerves of steel and if you are not afraid of long waits, remember that in the end, this can be rewarded with an extra destination or something else that you prefer to buy.

Tip 5: Take care of the size of your luggage

Never overdo your luggage, take only what is necessary and save yourself a lot of excess baggage fees, in addition to the loaded one, and the gain of extra space for souvenirs and your purchases.

Also, try to weigh your luggage before leaving home and check the dimensions of your suitcases. Avoid, within your means, surprises when you arrive at the airport.

Tip 6: Come local

If your trip is not all-inclusive, opt for truly local food and places, because in addition to being much cheaper, you will get to know the real typical food of the country where you are.

Tip 7: Save with currencies and cards

Something that is not taken into account so frequently to save money when you travel abroad is to be aware of the currencies and payment forms.

Changing and withdrawing money is usually much cheaper in your country than arriving at the destinations. The same case when using the debit card and not the credit card, since the latter usually charges extra commissions.

Tip 8: Earn money on your trip

If, in addition to saving, you want to earn an extra, check the options to work temporarily while you are abroad.

There are different ways and options to do in each country, and you can even select a complete program like the famous au pairs.

Tip 9: Be your guide

Tours are usually very cool, but also more expensive. So, if you want to limit your budget a little more, and incidentally, save money when you travel abroad, consider the option of being your own tour guide.

Currently, you can find all the information you need or want on the internet, so you need a little planning to organize the trip of your dreams—the best, totally personalized, and without depending on anyone.

Save money when you travel abroad.

As you saw, to save money when you travel abroad, it only takes an extra effort to plan and organize everything in the best way.

We know that all this may sound a bit cumbersome, but we assure you that when you have that extra, you need to make a special purchase, or better yet, to add one more destination to your list; all the effort will have been worth it.