Visual Strategy on Social Media

Up to 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, so it’s no wonder people respond much better to great design and engaging images.

So, do you post attractive images on your business social media?

Human beings are visual beings. This is the reason why photos, images, and infographics dominate all of social media these days.

To spread your brand’s recognition in today’s oversized digital landscape, posting interesting and engaging graphics on each of your social media platforms is essential.

Therefore, you must create a social media strategy that focuses on visual content to get the brand’s attention.

That is why in this post, we want to show you certain tips to improve your visual strategy on social networks.

1. Use your logo as a profile image

There is a good debate when choosing the profile picture for social media if one should go with the company logo or the photo of the person’s face behind the brand.

The general rule of thumb here is that if you have a large established brand with a well-known or famous logo, then ideally, this is your profile picture.

However, if you are a public figure, assume a blogger, artist, influencer, or politician, and you build a personal brand, then using your image as a profile photo works much better in this case.

Once you have selected your profile photo, use the same image for each social network, so it will be easier for your followers to recognize you on each of the platforms where they want to follow you.

Feel free to get creative and get a variation on your logo, as long as your audience can easily recognize the brand.

2. Profile picture and cover photo must complete each other

Another rule of thumb is to make sure your profile picture and cover photo complement each other. Remember that the first impression is super important, and the first contact that the audience has with your brand is with your profile, so it is vital that you make sure that you have a fresh and attractive image for your audience.

It can be achieved by using similar images (profile and cover), moods, text, image composition, or applying a filter to achieve harmony and balance.

3. Use a consistent style of images

To build brand awareness and recognition, make sure the images you post are consistent with your business model.

The images you choose should reflect the personality and characteristics of your brand, as we mentioned earlier.

We ask you to answer yourself to these questions for when you have to select images for your social networks:

  • What do your followers like?
  • What type of graphics or content will work best with the images or services you are trying to sell?
  • If your brand were a person, what kinds of things would you like to see or do?

Suppose you answer these questions correctly and decide on a publication that goes directly to the needs and tastes of your audience. In that case, you can get many benefits, such as getting many likes on Facebook, for example.

4. Use brand consistency

Consistency is of great importance to brand recognition and success.

You can achieve consistent branding by using similar fonts, images, and colors in your social media design.

It’s no secret that colors evoke emotions. Therefore, use colors in your publications to awaken desire, love, joy, happiness, guide your audience through a story, and create a sense of harmony within your images.

Just as Coca-Cola did it with the color red, find out what your brand’s color is.

5. Post shareable posts

To increase the reach of your social media posts, make sure your images are attractive and eye-catching enough that users want to share them.

You can also achieve this by including “share” buttons with social media icons on your website, making it easy and fast for users to post, share, pin, and tweet.

When users share your images, they will reach more new users, resulting in greater brand recognition.

Without a lot of fieldwork, you can get new potential fans, followers, and clients.

And to conclude, this may seem like an obvious point to you. Still, to get the maximum traction and interaction from your images, the images you publish on social platforms must be attractive and have good content.

Make images that directly engage your audience and add a call to action to get more traffic to your marketing efforts.

Every graphic you post on your social media page should always include a link to your website. According to Google algorithms, when linked to a website, unique content scores higher in search engine results.

So, make sure your social media is filled with a variety of high-quality, engaging images to drive engagement.