What is the most important thing for you as a business owner? Customer satisfaction, their review, and their safety; yes, these three elements matter the most. So, one of the most crucial things is to keep your customer happy and safe with all the transaction details and their security. Therefore, while you are on to making your website, you have to keep these things in mind. And that’s where SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification comes. A security protocol creates an encrypted link between a web browser and a server.

This certification helps to monitor that your transactions are smoothly taking place. Not only this, but SSL certification helps your SEO strategy to enhance your ranking. Whether a virtual candle store, escape room breakout, or a tech-blog site, every business or website needs SEO to reach out to more people and promote its brand in the market.

Now, SEO is all about pushing your order on the SERP. And we know deploying it is not a cakewalk. We need to put in a lot of effort behind the scenes to make our website rank higher on the organic search page and increase your visibility.  Hence a little help won’t cost much. And if you can invest judiciously, this little investment will take you on a long path to greater success in your life.

How do SSL certificates help SEO?

Understanding the concept of SEO strategies and SSL certification are two different things, and jelling together and making it beneficial for your ranking is quite a puzzle. In this whole procedure, a little effort can bring us miles ahead. Adding a small perk makes the work easy with on-point and acceptable SEO strategies. But now, you must be wondering how SSL certification deals with security and how it benefits your SEO strategy.

You don’t have to go through a lot of technical know-how or research in-depth on each attribute of these topics to understand the technology. It is a simple concept that Google cares about its customers. And not only Google but other search engines like Bing and Yahoo also practice the art of delivering good quality service and better user experience to the audience. Customer satisfaction matters to the search engines; hence, the website that matches perfectly with the searching keyword gets a higher ranking and better display for more customers to find it.

But this is not it; we often get confused that maybe just the keyboard and our ranking help our websites to be presented in front of the searcher by Google. Google cares a lot about customer security. Hence the websites decked up with an SSL certificate get a 5% search ranking boost. That means the chances of your website visibility increasing 5% more when you have an SSL certificate.

And let’s understand it better when talking about customer security. Apart from your beneficial and appropriate strategy, SSL and SEO collaboratively push up the rank by around 30% more when mingling with the guarantee. Several website owners have also shared their experience of boosting their website ranking once after installing the SSL certification for their website. Now, numerous SSL certifications help you grow your website’s performance and visibility, but an irrelevant SSL certificate won’t help your website anyway.

Due to this trend, numerous businesses are inclining towards getting their business certified through SSL. Contacting a digital marketing firm or a digital marketing expert can also brief you about this service. You can easily collaborate with them and help them provide your website with the actual ranking that is much needed. It is one of the best ways of organic ranking with SEO.

So, it is essential to understand what certification you will use for your website.

There are three types of SSL authentications: 

Extended validation:  

This authentication is for the green address bar on a website. It is one of your website’s most trusted and highly recommended certifications. If you have an SSL extended validation, it will help you verify your company name in green adjacent to the web address, thus making your website appear more trustworthy and genuine.

Organization validation: 

This certification helps validate control of the domain. It enables your HTTP and padlock image; it also authenticates the organization’s legitimacy and adds a level of trust. With the help of a certification, the organization shows all the details.

Domain validation: 

As the name suggests, it is one of the essential SSL certificates for domain validation. It is one of the easiest ways of getting cost-effective industry-standard encryptions. This certification, along with validating control of the domain, also enables the padlock icon and HTTP.

Indeed, we can’t deny that our domain name is the brand’s identity; hence we have to be a little bit particular about the security of the domain name and its validation.

You have to understand which one of the web SSL certifications you need for your website. You can also take expert advice in a dilemma. A web developer can easily guide you on which certification or validation is suitable for your website as per the nature of the website. All you need is to have complete research about it so that you can get the best.

Several brands are in the business while providing you with the best SSL certification. Research is essential as it helps you compare and analyze the quality and affordability of these SSL certifications. They are one of the most critical things and help your website boost 5% more than any other SCO perk. It would be best if you were very specific while choosing them. You can go through the feedback and reviews of all these companies. You can even contact the customers who are into using these certifications. Thus, you can easily decide which one you wish to select.


In short, we can say that SEO is not solely responsible for ranking websites. And SSL certification also contributes a lot to this procedure. 5 to 6% may seem a lesser amount for a person, but the website matters a lot. Websites uphold the ranking with a margin of 1%, sometimes less than that. So why let your SEO game be even a little weaker.

With the help of SSL certification, you can make your customers feel secure about their details and transactions. And therefore, you can ultimately boost your website ranking and achieve the dream goal of having a perfect and successful business in the long term.