learn Javascript

The idea of learning programming languages like Javascript for kids has been gaining traction in the last few years because of its many benefits.

In many ways, it makes sense to start learning coding at an early age to build a strong foundation in computer programming. However, one key question in many minds is – are programming languages easy enough to learn for everyone, even kids?

We need to understand that not all programming languages are built the same way to answer this question. While there are similarities among programming languages, several are vastly different from others in syntax, uses, and versatility.

These differences make some programming languages easier and faster to learn than others.

Most experts believe that Javascript is an easy computer language to learn for novices, including kids. This post will discuss this argument extensively.

What is Javascript?

Javascript is a full-scripting language capable of creating and controlling the dynamic features of a website.

Some of the most common interactive website features made with Javascript include:

  • Pop-ups
  • Alert boxes
  • Moving carousels
  • Responsive buttons

Javascript is a high-level interpreted computer language that can easily be embedded in markup languages like CSS and HTML. Together with the two languages mentioned, Javascript is used in several databases and web servers.

Many developers prefer to use Javascript to make a website more interactive. This is because interactive features can grab attention and engages visitors more.

Although it is a popular front-end language for building websites, Javascript can also be used in creating:

  • web applications
  • games
  • mobile apps
  • server applications

How long does it take to learn Javascript?

Popular markup languages like HTML and CSS are faster to learn than Javascript. An average adult may learn HTML and CSS in a month. Learning Javascript takes longer. However, Javascript is simpler and easier to learn than other high-level languages like Python, Ruby, and C++.

If an average adult and kid are new to learning, grasping any computer language within a few weeks does not usually occur. But if you compare popular programming languages, Javascript is one of the easier ones.

Most companies will hire junior developers who are still honing their skills in Javascript because the demand is high.

Older kids and adults who have some background and experience coding other languages will likely learn Javascript faster. This is because the state of mind, reasoning, and problem-solving skills are the same in learning various computer languages.

Programmers will probably say that it will take an adult with no programming skills 6 to 9 months to learn Javascript at a decent level. But learning Javascript can be a long endeavor if coders want to level up their skills and understanding. Furthermore, like many computer languages, Javascript is not stagnant and goes through updates to keep up with current technological demands.

Why is Javascript Easier to Learn for Kids?

Javascript has many features that make it accessible to beginner adult kids coders. Here are some of them:

It is an easy interpreted language

The command in Javascript is equivalent to a specific action, like performing calculations. Even if a user is not a master of Javascript, they can start writing useful codes in a few weeks.

A Javascript code can be written and run immediately so the user can see the result. This is the main quality of an interpreted language. Beginners and kids can experiment with Javascript and see the product of their actions right away.

Users do not need a separate program or server environment to start coding Javascript as it is a plaintext language. Instead, they can use a simple text editor like Notepad to code and a web browser to run Javascript. Furthermore, Javascript has the same standard features across all browsers.

Vast resources dedicated to learning Javascript

It is not hard for parents and kids to access books (both print and digital) teaching Javascript. There are hundreds of books on Javascript. Some of them are available for free. 

There are also many online platforms where kids can take Javascript tutorials and practice coding. Some examples of these platforms include Codecademy, SoloLearn, and Grasshopper. These applications offer fun and interactive exercises to make learning easier for kids. Javascript for Kids courses are designed to suit a range of ages and abilities.

Adults and teenagers, who are serious about having a career in software engineering or web development, can sign up for coding boot camps like App Academy and Flatiron School.

Some Considerations in Learning Javascript

The best way to learn Javascript for younger kids is to start by using visual block coding applications like ScratchJr and Scratch. ScratchJr and Scratch provide a basic understanding of coding terms, logic, and processes. After young children (5 – 7 years old) master ScratchJr, and Scratch (starting 8 years old), they can move on to focusing on Javascript beginner courses. 

In many real-world applications, Javascript is integrated with the markup languages – HTML and CSS to build websites and other applications. Therefore, children must also learn HTML and CSS to optimize Javascript.

Thankfully, these markup languages are also easy to understand. Another good news is that the best Javascript-for-beginner courses and books include discussions of HTML and CSS.

Bottom line

Javascript is one of the easiest programming languages for adults and kids because of its many qualities. Because it is an interpreted language, anyone can start by writing small pieces of code and seeing their impact on a webpage through a web browser.

The simplicity, creative potential, and ability to provide immediate feedback on Javascript can engage and excite coding learners, especially the youngest ones!