escape room games

Escape rooms are highly popular among all age groups simply because of how easily entertaining it is. The concept goes like this: you are locked inside a thematic room from where you have to find your way out within a given time limit. These rooms are usually based on thrilling storylines and are elaborately designed to create a make-believe world come alive.

As much as this activity is gaining its much-deserved recognition all across the globe, many people still fail to acknowledge the value-yielding aspects of it beyond entertainment. In reality, escape rooms are a highly potent means of inculcating creative thinking and an innovative mindset.

Wondering how? Let’s take a deep dive!

1.  Stirring your brain juices

Escape room games encourage the participants to think outside the box. The intricately designed mystery and the twisted conundrums challenge the player’s brainpower. In this interesting environment, the players are motivated to do the brain work and come up with possible solutions before it is too late.

2.  Highly immersive environment 

There is no denying the fact that escape room games are carefully designed to challenge the participant’s brainpower. Each and every escape room follows its very unique storyline as well as highly detailed interior. This perfect amalgamation of visual effects, sounds, and tunes, along with a variety of artifacts, adds to the thrill of this challenge. The various elements challenge the human mind. Thus, it creates a compelling environment for the participants that encourages them to think innovatively.

3.  The ticking time bomb

How can we forget the pressure of an escape room game? Every escape room offers a limited time to the participants. The ticking clock challenges their mental horizons and encourages them to think outside the box. The players strive to come up with a solution to finish their task at hand. This encourages them to come up with strategic ideas and think vigorously before the time runs out.

4.  Never-ending mysteries of clues and hints

Let’sLet’s face it, nobody gets all the hints correct, especially in the first go. The participants often get caught up in a series of hits and misses. This never-ending loop encourages the participants to come up with a new solution every time. Therefore, participants are forced to think outside of their comfort zone. So, playing an escape room game not only amounts to an extraordinarily amazing time but also challenges the abilities of an individual. This enables creative thinking outside the usual limits!

5.  Brainstorming with a team

Escape room games are supposed to be played with a team. Participants, irrespective of their backgrounds, come together and work in order to achieve the end goal – taste the victory. While it is all fun and games, coordinating and working with each team member is a tedious task. Thus, escape room games enable the participants to understand each other’s ideology and think innovatively to find common ground.

6.  Change of perspective  

Escape room games are not like your average indoor or outdoor games. These are challenging conundrums that require the presence of mind. The participants are required to get a grip on the wider perspective. Most of the time, the players are stuck in a single direction. However, the interesting environment offered by an escape room game encourages the players to change their perspectives in order to move forward.

7.  Challenges the teamwork

As we mentioned above, escape room games are supposed to be played as a team. Every individual member needs to coordinate with the others to win the game. This implies that your team members are supposed to work together. So, the bewildering ambiance of an escape game pushes the team members and encourages them to think in the right direction together.

8.  Channelize your inner detective 

As we discussed earlier, escape room games motivates a participant to think outside of their comfort zone. In addition to that, an escape room is specifically designed to encourage participants to channel their inner detectives. Each and every player gets into the role and is completely engulfed by the storyline. They step into their detective shoes and brainstorm various clues and hints in order to solve the mystery.

9.  Personal growth  

Escape room games are fun and adventurous thrillers that allow you a window to look inside yourself. As we all know, these games encourage thinking outside the box, along with your detective skills and behavioral traits in a group, the challenges of an escape room allow you to introspect within yourself. These games and mysteries give the participant a chance to think calmly amidst the chaos and understand oneself better.

Final Thoughts 

Escape room games are ideal for an adventurous getaway from the mayhem of your day-to-day lifestyle. But when you look beyond the surface, you will realize how effectively it also instills valuable soft skills into players in the garb of fun.