Protecting Your MacBook Pro from Damage

A MacBook Pro is a valuable asset that you should protect well. Whether you use it for work or other personal reasons, you should keep it an excellent emotion for a prolonged period. Proper protection maintains the attractive original appearance and functionality.

Here are five practical ways that you should consider offering maximum protection of your MacBook from physical damage.

1. Buy High-Quality Protector

Like a smartphone, your MacBook Pro might accidentally fall and crack or get other damages. To prevent this, you can invest in a high-quality iKase Mac Pro case that covers and protects your laptop.

MacBook Pro cases come in various materials and designs; you can choose what you like most. The ideal cover keeps your MacBook Pro safe from spills, drops, and other accidents that could damage the crucial components of your Apple device.

Also, the protector enhances the comfort of griping the device, minimizing the risk of your hands slipping and dropping the device. With the added layer of texture, you can even hold your MacBook Pro with a phone or any other small items and grip both devices comfortably.

Before you buy, confirm the material used to make it to ensure it is of the best quality. Check the patterns and colors carefully to have a design that suits your personality.

2. Clean it Well

You don’t clean your Apple device daily, but you can occasionally do so to eliminate dust and other particles that might damage your device.

Before you clean, disconnect the MacBook Pro from the power to avoid causing electric damage. After that, identify the specific areas that need cleaning. For instance, you can decide to clean your screen alone or the keyboard depending on its current condition.

Clean your MacBook Pro with a soft cloth. The linen can be wet but not excessively wet to avoid causing more damage. While cleaning, keep water and other liquids away so they don’t spill on the device. You can gently wipe your Apple device’s exterior parts, not the interior ones. Lastly, you should avoid abrasive products and bleaches.

If your MacBook Pro gets dirty and you still fear cleaning it, take it to your Apple device technician for quick help.

3. Buy a Good Bag

You can protect your MacBook Pro device by keeping it in a suitable bag when transporting it and not using it. The bag prevents dust from accumulating in the various parts of the device and prevents accidental spillages, among other risks, which could damage the device.

If buying an Apple device bag for the first time, consider these factors to buy the best.


The ideal bag should be made to last. The arms should be strong, while the inner area should have strong paddings that absorb shock in case the bag accidentally falls. The general material used in making the bag should be strong as well.


The bag you buy should have enough compartments to accommodate your MacBook Pro’s various accessories. For instance, apart from the main pocket for keeping the device, there should be more pockets or additional storage space for the mouse, keyboard, and other items you use with the device.

Security Features

Confirm the bag has secure fastening to offer the best protection to your MacBook. If your bag falls off, the zippers and fastenings should keep the device in the same condition, so it doesn’t get damaged.

4. Personal Care

You can observe several personal care tips while using your MacBook Pro to protect it from physical damage. Here are a few practices to consider.

  • Keep your device out of direct sunlight when not using it.
  • Observe safe charging using the original charger or investing in a high-quality one if the first one gets stolen.
  • Shut down your MacBook Pro completely when not using it instead of always keeping the sleep mode on.
  • Avoid keeping liquids near the device to prevent accidental liquid spills.
  • Keep your MacBook Pro in a stable place when using it. Invest in a high-quality table and desk if you use it for work or studies.

5. Disconnect Carefully

Lastly, carefully connect and disconnect your laptop from the power source. Before you plug in, ensure you can see the power hole to avoid bruising the sides and causing permanent damage with time. Also, carefully remove the power cable before putting the MacBook Pro into the bag.


Taking care of your MacBook Pro is easy when you have a protective casing and a good bag and oversee safety practices. If you notice minor damage on any part of the device, immediately take it to a technician for quick repair.